Distribution and Warehousing

Distribution and WarehousingTherapak has three facilities to carry out warehousing and distribution for customers who require a GMP compliant company to perform such services. Clients who utilize Therapak for storage and shipment are companies that need a detailed process for inventory control, temperature monitoring, lot number segregation for specific end users and tracking. Therapak has customized programs for customers who manufacture biotechnology products, retail products, and diagnostic kits.

Warehousing and distribution activities can be facilitated in Claremont, California (Los Angeles area), Buford, Georgia (Atlanta area) and Hayes, Middlesex, United Kingdom (London area). Domestic shipments from these locations typically result in three day deliveries throughout the United States depending on the destination. However, most of the distribution activity managed by Therapak focuses on shipments of small parcels of laboratory testing products that require special handling. Therapak utilizes automated shipping systems from FedEx, UPS, and DHL to ship these small parcel shipments. Tracking information for each shipment can be provided to the customer in multiple formats.

Palletized product storage of items for redistribution is also available. In total, Therapak is a turnkey solution for firms seeking assembly, packaging, warehousing and distribution of their products.