Contract Manufacturing

Contract ManufacturingTherapak's GMP process was carefully developed to allow ongoing integration of new services that would enhance its core assembly business. The quality plan driving the operation provides for the customer who has a handful of components or raw materials that need to be organized into bill of materials that will result in a final product. Whether your list of components appears unorganized or you are a major company looking for capacity, Therapak can integrate your project into a flow process that will result in a consistent, quality product.

Contract ManufacturingFrom bill of materials development to raw materials procurement to receiving inspection to running inventory template to work instructions to work order to in-process inspection to final inspection, Therapak offers a process of integrating the handful of issues into a packaged product. Whether you are a medical product supplier, laboratory product manufacturer, distributor of healthcare products or you have an active OEM project requiring a GMP compliant partner, Therapak can provide contract manufacturing for your project.

Horizontal Fill and Seal Equipment

Horizontal Fill and Seal Equipment - for high throughput tray/kit assembly and packaging

Therapak has designed and developed thermoform trays, EPS foam products, polyethylene bags, corrugated boxes and chipboard cartons. Therapak has assembled retail products, syringes, blood collection kits and many other OEM products. Call on Therapak and we will review your product requirements.