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Specimen Collection

Therapak #39408

180 mL Beaker Style Collection Cup with Pour Spout

  • Wide-mouth for easy pouring
  • Sturdy polypropylene construction
  • A variety of configurations to fit your needs

This wide-mouth cup is ideal for initial collection of urine samples and subsequent pour off into transport vials. The cup is graduated to 180 mL and its durable, break-resistant design is still flexible enough for squeezing on sides to direct pour off for convenient specimen transfer into transport vial. This cup is commonly used for collections involving substance abuse testing. Part number 74850 is inner packed 25 cups per sleeve. Part number 39408 includes a temperature indicator strip pre-applied to the collection cup. Part number 39473 is provided individually wrapped with a temperature indicator strip. Part number 39465 includes a disposable cup holder for sanitary sample collection for female testing.

Part No. Description Packaging
74850 180 mL Collection Cup 500/case
39408 180 mL Collection Cup w/ Temperature Strip 500/case
39473 180 mL Collection Cup, Individually Wrapped, w/ Temperature Strip - Bulk Packaging 100/case
39465 Female Cup Holder for 180 mL Collection Cup 50/case
Therapak #39841

90 mL Beaker Style Collection Cup with Pour Spout

  • Compact design
  • Pour spout for easy transfer
  • Available with temperature strip

This miniature cup offers convenient collection and pour-off into urinalysis tubes or transport vials. The cup is graduated to 90 mL and can be stacked when being stored prior to collection.

Part No. Description Packaging
39841 90 mL Beaker Style Collection Cup w/ Temperature Strip 1000/case
74848 90 mL Beaker Style Collection Cup 1000/case
BioStor™ Multi-Purpose Containers

BioStor™ Multi-Purpose Containers

Premium quality, BioStor™ Multi-Purpose Containers, with resealable lids, can be used to store almost any liquid, powder or solid. Ideal for laboratory or hospital use. Injection molded of polypropylene or linear polyethylene, containers are virtually indestructible in normal use. Resistant to boiling and freezing temperatures (+100°C to -100°C). Inert to most lab chemicals including formaldehyde, weak acids, organic solvents, and all bases. Stable, wide-mouth design allows for ease of filling and is less likely to tip over, even when stacked. Tight-fitting, snap-cap lids keep odors in and minimize chance of leakage. Contents are visible on contact with translucent plastic walls. Priced low enough to be disposable, yet sturdy enough for reuse. Lids may be custom imprinted for large volume users with specialized applications.

Part No. Description Dimensions ID Capacity Packaging
MPCP-F003 BioStor™ flat, polypropylene 2 3/4" ID x 1 3/4" H 2 3/4" 4oz 300/case
MPCE-F007 BioStor™ flat, High-Density Polyethylene 3 3/8" ID x 2" H 3 3/8" 8oz 100/case
MPCE-T008 BioStor™ tall, High-Density Polyethylene 2 3/4" ID x 3" H 2 3/4" 8oz 100/case
MPCE-T016 BioStor™ tall, High-Density Polyethylene 3 3/8" ID x 3 3/4" H 3 3/8" 16oz 100/case
MPCE-T032 BioStor™ tall, High-Density Polyethylene 4 1/2" ID x 4 1/2" H 4 1/2" 32oz 100/case
MPCE-T064 BioStor™ tall, High-Density Polyethylene 5 1/2" ID x 6" H 5 1/2" 64oz 50/case
MPCE-T083 BioStor™ tall, High-Density Polyethylene 5 3/4" ID x 7 1/8" H 5 3/4" 83oz 25/case
MPCE-T165 BioStor™ tall, High-Density Polyethylene 7 3/4" ID x 8" H 7 3/4" 165oz 10/case
Therapak #74862 and #74865

ClikSeal™ Containers

  • Unique inner-cap thread design to ensure leak-resistance when the cap is properly tightened
  • Translucent polypropylene containers, allowing for quick visualization
  • Polyethylene lid, ensuring a tight seal for maximum leak-resistance
  • A lid designed to enable stacking of multiple containers
  • A sterility-seal and patient i.d. label affixed to the container with lines for number, name, and doctor (sterile containers only)

ClikSeal™ Containers are leak-resistant and suitable for pneumatic tube systems within hospitals. When tightening the lid you will be assured your cap is sealed and ready for transport after it 'clicks.'

Part No. Description Packaging
74865 120 mL ClikSeal™ Container, sterile 200/case
74862 120 mL ClikSeal™ Container, non-sterile 200/ case
Therapak #74870

Commode Collection System

Therapak's commode collection system features a wide lip that fits the perimeter of most standard toilets, which prevents tipping. Inside is clearly marked with easy to read graduations. Ideal collection unit for urine, stool, and kidney stones.

Part No. Description Packaging
74870 Commode Collection System 100/case
Therapak #74826

Economical 120 mL Urine Specimen Collection Container

This collection cup is used for in-house specimen collection and analysis. Non-sterile cups and lids are packed separately.

Part No. Description Packaging
74826 120 mL Non-sterile urine specimen cup and lid 500/case
Therapak #74802, 74815, 74808

Specimen Collection, Transport, and Storage Containers

  • Containers are sterilized by gamma irradiation and labeled with a security tab, which has room for patient information
  • Ideal for pneumatic tube systems and other harsh transport conditions
  • Caps are secure at 10 to 12 in-lbs closing torque
  • Containers are precision molded without the use of plasticizers or de-molding additives

These containers are specifically designed for safe, secure collection and transportation of biological specimens for laboratory evaluation. The container features accurate, easy-to-read, molded-in graduations on three sides. Top and bottom ribbed etchings ease the opening and closing process when wearing examination gloves. Containers are flexible, crack-resistant and are manufactured from virgin, high clarity, chemically inert, medical grade polypropylene. Heavy duty polyethylene screw caps feature a unique dual fill circle thread design which provides a tight, leak-proof seal. Listings below include natural caps. For color-coded caps, call Therapak customer service for details.

Part No. Description Packaging
39463 60 mL / 48 mm sterile container with label, temperature strip 500/case
39405 90 mL / 53 mm sterile container with label, temperature strip 400/case
74802 60 mL / 48 mm sterile container with label 500/case
74815 90 mL / 53 mm sterile container with label 400/case
74808 120 mL / 53 mm sterile container with label 300/case
75121 and 75122

150 mL Specimen Cup with Snap Lid

Made of clarified polypropylene with graduations at each quarter ounce and every 10 mL. Lid snaps on for a tight seal.

Part No. Description Packaging
75121 150 mL Snap Cap Collection Cup 500/case
75122 Snap Cap for 75121 500/case

Click-Tite™ 90 mL Container

  • Polypropylene containers are 95kPa tested
  • Leak-proof Click-Tite™ cap seal
  • Available with temperature strip

Therapak’s Click-Tite™ 90 mL container is ideal for maintaining the integrity of biological specimens during transit and storage. Click-Tite™ caps “click” when closed, indicating the container has been closed securely and is now leak proof. Containers are stackable, graduated and include top and bottom knurls for ease of gripping with gloves. Sterile containers are complete with tamper evident label. Composed of 100% virgin FDA approved high clarity polypropylene, these sturdy containers are 95kPa, ISTA 3A and Thermal Shock tested. Thinner sidewalls permit rapid temperature transfer for applications requiring immediate and accurate temperature sensing of the specimen. Part no. 39405 comes with pre-applied temperature strip.

Part No. Description Packaging
74815 Click-Tite™ 90 mL natural cap 400/case
39405 Click-Tite™ 90 mL natural cap w/ temperature strip 400/case

240 mL Collection Cup

  • Wide diameter cup with pour spout
  • Durable construction
  • Available with Temperature Strip

Collection cup features a wide mouth for voiding the initial specimen prior to rapid test screening. The 240 mL cup is molded with a pour spout for convenient specimen transfer into transport container. Part number 75187 includes a temperature indicator strip pre-applied to the collection cup.

Part No. Description Packaging
75186 240 mL Collection Cup 500/case
75187 240 mL Collection Cup w/ Temperature Strip 500/case

FOLDaCUP Collapsible Measuring Cup

  • Fits in standard envelope
  • Folded size measures 7 x 7”
  • Contains clear instructions

The FOLDaCUP is designed for use by patients recording intake or bladder diaries at home. It is supplied folded and packaged in an envelope with clear assembly instructions. Once erected, the cup measures approximately 5.5” high x 3.75” wide x 3.25” in depth. Instead of having to ship a hard-wall container to the patient, the FOLDaCUP can be affordably mailed or conveniently handed over to the patient in the same envelope as the diary form. The 1,000 mL capacity cup is graduated for easy measuring and its portability facilitates use away from home.

Part No. Description
94690G FOLDaCUP Collapsible Measuring Cup